Our Company

Our Vision

With today’s growing ecological awareness and the current economic state, resale shopping has increased all across the country. In fact, shopping resale is now considered to be eco-chic. The Wabi Sabi Shop has a vision of redefining the word “Resale” by putting more emphasis on “Re” and less on “Sale”.

  • Reuse – make a conscious choice to use or buy a pre-owned product.
  • Reduce – eliminate clutter, pare down one’s belongings and eliminate excess.
  • Recycle – share one’s goods with others by donating, selling or consigning – not just trashing!
  • Revive – clean it, strip or restore the finish; redress it in new colors, finish, hardware; bring it back to life.
  • Redecorate – recreate and transform your existing space to suit your actual needs, purposes or lifestyle, as it changes.



Our Founder

Our founder, Kay Frandsen, is the creative force behind the Wabi Sabi Shop. Beginning with her childhood years as a 4-H member and continuing throughout her career in design, Kay has always found joy in making home not only a beautiful, comfortable refuge, but an outward expression of one’s personality. Her home is filled with furnishings that once belonged to her parents and grandparents as well as items she’s built, bought or found at garage sales. From this delight in pre-owned belongings and a love for both meaningful and beautiful things, Kay has conceived and designed the Wabi Sabi Shop.bkg-founder

Kay was raised on a farm in central Iowa, the daughter of Jack and Dorothy Frandsen. Beauty in the home was something she learned as a child growing up in an 1890 Victorian farm home. Jack’s resourceful abilities allowed him to not only manage a large grain and cattle-feeding set-up, but also remodel every room of their house, while Dorothy’s creative talents enabled the family to express their individuality throughout the decoration of each room. Learning from her parents, Kay chose to major in both Interior Design and Craft design at Iowa State University, graduating in 1979.

Kay’s diverse talents and 30-year career in the design and construction industry provide the basis for the shop’s distinct offerings and unique niche. The inventory, made available through consignment, is carefully selected for quality and style, reflecting her imaginative and subtle artisan preferences. The workshops and design services offered also reflect Kay’s practical, but philosophical nature. She has a passion for seeing the value in objects both artistic and functional and has a desire to make beauty in the home affordable for everyone.


Our Staff

Kay Frandsen
Kay Frandsen has lived in Plymouth since 1984 – she loves to laugh, likes to cook and garden, and enjoys public speaking . She enjoys every aspect of running the Wabi Sabi Shop – from meeting with new consignors to teaching new employees the ins and outs. Personal design style: casual elegance with hints of whimsy and nostalgia. Her favorite saying – “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
Erik Olson
Erik Olson
Erik Olson and his wife, Barbara, have lived in the Twin Cities since 1981. A recent empty-nester and former long-time creative advertising guy, Erik now loves to make art out of trash. For some reason he thinks it is better to want what you have rather than to have what you want. A wise friend of his told him life was a lot easier that way. Style-wise, he is a mid-century modern junkie.
Tricia Patterson
Tricia Patterson joined our wabi sabi family in 2017 as our bookkeeper.  She’s a hard working mother of 4 boys – all still in elementary school as of now.  She’s a fun-loving hockey mom (having all 4 boys involved).  She also works (or might I say “has fun”) selling pull-tabs on weekend nights at a local venue.

Penny Amrani
A cheesehead from Wisconsin—Penny has always been a loyal Green Bay Packer backer (loves the Timber Wolves and Twins – a total sports enthusiast for sure).  After moving here in ’73 she followed her passion and joined the furniture and design community (retired from Baker showroom at IMS after 26yrs).  Two miracles in her life  have  defined who she is today:  having her daughter, Kristina, at age 44 and surviving 4th stage cancer two years later.  Penny  views every day as another reason to celebrate.

DSCF1157 revsmall
Vicki Hertz
After a 20+ year career in the home remodeling industry, Vicki and her husband relocated and downsized from their home in Minnetonka to a new, much smaller home in Wright county. Now that she’s near her 2 daughters she can enjoy caring for her grand babies. And when she isn’t chasing after the little ones, she enjoys painting, gardening and refurbishing furniture. She is currently learning how to quilt. Say “Hi” to Vicki if you come in on a Saturday!

Jeane Sova                                                                                                                           Jean has been in the neighborhood for 30+ years.  She recently sold her beauty salon in Deephaven and comes to us with a passion for customer service!   She believes in recycling, re-using, re-purposing…essentially Wabi Sabi.  Jean has studied Feng Shui and Ikebana, enjoys theater, museums, live music and dance. She lives by The Golden Rule.  When not here she enjoys time with her two daughters (including one new baby granddaughter) and their families.

Steven LaHaye                                                                                                                   After spending 40 years in corporate financial management, Steven decided he not only  loves spending his money at consignment shops, but now he spends his time at our shop!  He’s always loved decorating his home with fine traditional stylings, with a touch of the modern for accents.   Now he can help you find just what suits your style, too!

Jean Weathers                                                                                                             Growing up in Deephaven, Jean spent lots of time on Lake Minnetonka.  Her work experience encompasses both corporate and retail.  She’s also an entrepreneur and owns an embroidery business, putting names, logos, whatever you need on various textile or clothing articles.  Jean is married and lives in Norwood with her husband of 32 years and their dog, Josie.

Ruth Sager

Ruth lives in the west metro area with her husband of 15 years.  With a background in interior design, and experience in architectural drafting, it’s easy to see why visual merchandising would be right up her alley.  The Shop is definitely benefiting from the fruits of her labor and Erik is happy she’s joined his staging crew!  Faith takes a front seat in her life, followed by creative interests, and exploring the small towns of Minnesota.

Lily was Kay’s Wheaten Terrier who loved chasing critters in the back yard, sleeping on her back and riding in the car. In fact, her favorite saying was: “Want to go for a ride?” Lily was Kay’s constant companion for 12 years until November 2017.  She loved greeting all the customers and will be sorely missed by everyone who ever met her.  Thank you for all the joy you brought to us Lily…