Welcome To The Wabi Sabi Shop!

After over seven years in Plymouth, The Wabi Sabi Shop moved to a new location and reopened November 2016. We’re now located at 3620 County Rd. 101 S. Technically its situated in Deephaven, but just across the street is Minnetonka, yet we use the same zip code as Wayzata!  We’re located just a quarter mile south of Minnetonka Blvd on 101.   Still Minnesota’s BEST  upscale consignment shop, you’ll always find high quality, gently used and reasonably priced home furnishings, artwork and accessories. We invite you to come in and discover Wabi Sabi while you explore the shop, experience the relaxed environment and enjoy a cup of tea!

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The Wabi Sabi Concept – Perfect Imperfection

Wabi Sabi is an ancient Japanese concept combining artistic principles and a lifestyle philosophy. WABI – referring to a chosen simplicity, and SABI – acknowledging the beauty imparted by the passing of time, couldn’t be more appropriate for a consignment shop. While consignors are paring down and eliminating various items from their homes (thus simplifying) shoppers who appreciate the charm of the “not-so-new” retrieve and decorate theirs’ with the same. Simplify, Beautify, Consignment in a nutshell!

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